Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Golf Course Membership UK

Are you looking for Golf Course Membership??

In the UK at the moment many people are finding it difficult to afford to play golf, it is seen as a lavish luxury and with the current economy many find it difficult to justify the golf course membership fees and subsequent costs of being a full member at a golf course.
The extra costs that go along with playing golf regularly such as:

  • buying golf equipment,
  • Practicing at the golf driving range,
  • taking golf lessons,
  • playing in the weekly club competition
  • socialising at the golf club
Another consideration is time for many people, golf in general takes up more time than other sports

Despite all these factors golf is one of the most popular sports in the UK. Many often talk of 'becoming addicted to golf' once they try it!
It is also a great sport to play for business. Many business deals are struck up on the golf course, while in a more friendly and relaxed environment it is often an easier place to negotiate a deal with both parties customer and seller feeling more at ease and more open to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

We are currently working on a project to enable people to play multiple golf courses throughout the year while only paying one low cost fee. This golf membership program would entitle the member to play the golf courses as many times as he would like throughout the year, with only certain restrictions dependent upon the golf course, (such as no play on Saturday or Sunday).
Many people no longer work a regular 9 - 5 Monday to Friday work week nowadays with business becoming more dynamic and some people prefer to grab a quick 9 holes midweek rather than a full 18 holes at the weekend.

We'd love to hear your opinion about our idea, so please leave a comment if you're interested.
We are currently working on deals and discounts with golf courses as well as discounts for other services such as golf lessons, or golf equipment.
Our aim is to create a golf membership that is the perfect solution for you the customer, this is why its crucial you let us know what you think and what it is you would want in a golf membership card